Become a


Your help takes us a step further to meet more hearts and spread joy. You are a very special part of our family and we are happy that you are here.



Volunteering is at the heart of our Organisation. It is only with you, the volunteers, that we can help people in need of our assistance and enable them to participate in social life day after day.


a Goodfellow

Join us and be part of our big family. It is only possible to do a lot more if we come together and stay together.

We look forward to seeing you and welcoming you warmly as one of us.

get together

The first contact is very important to us. It allows us to get to know each other and take a look at our worlds and how they defer and/or are the same as each other.

Positive vybes only

We put ourselves in the position of needy people and look for ways to take away or ease their pain.

Offer help

With the resources at our disposal, we create smiles in the outward appearance of the less fortunate.


The understanding that we coexist and relate with one another has brought us together.

The love we have for each other and the reality that we complement each other in many different ways holds us together.

But the promise of a better tomorrow, a tomorrow that can only be achieved when we come, stick and work together holds us. It gives us a purpose. We are a family, a very big family.