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An advocate of equality and justice with the zeal to exterminate human slavery.

We love to help all the children that have problems in the world.

Respectful, peaceful, warm-hearted and accommodating.

Humanity above all.

Good Fellows...

Bremer Good Fellows (BGF) was founded on October 3, 2014 by 12 friends who were currently working at DB Schenker Deutschland AG's I-park branch in Bremen-Hemelingen. Led by the passion of unity and the development of our community, providing for the less privileged, especially children, among privileged and asylum seekers in both our community and in other parts of the world, BGF would be registered as a non-profit organization in June 2017.

Mr. Unachukwu Chukwudi has, and still is, the first club president to date.

Since our foundation, we have been committed to charitable activities such as charitable work and donate in and around Bremen. In 2015 we launched an annual family grill party where we invite parishioners to spend time with us, eat together, dance with us and give those who don't know us a chance to get to know us. So far it has been very successful and every year we have more and more guests.

Our vision is on a worldwide scale,

  • be able to offer help in areas affected by natural disasters and hunger.
  • Provide better educational facilities by renovating existing schools. If the opportunity arises, we would also build new ones.
  • Ensure access to adequate healthcare and sanitation for all. This is especially important for mothers and children who are in most cases worst affected.

We actually want to create a world in which all people live in a happy and contented way.


Hard Work

Pure Love

Smart Ideas

Good Decisions